About Us

What is Applied Wing Chun?


Applied Wing Chun is a style of Kung Fu that emphasizes simplicity, directness, leverage, and physics. It utilizes the simultaneous cover and strike concept, rather than a block then strike method, to maximize the impact of our attacks and efficiently use the opponent’s momentum against them. Wing Chun’s main principle is speed, which can be accomplished in a number of ways. This style utilizes hand attacks, elbows, kicks, and knees to defend one’s self and to end a situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.


What’s the difference?


In simplest terms, Applied Wing Chun teaches students the ability to fight with Wing Chun. Not only against other Wing Chun practitioners, but against any situation that you will find the need to use it.


Each of our drills and exercises are directly related to the practical application of the techniques that we learn in the forms. From the first lesson, you will begin to learn techniques that can be used in defense of one’s self.


During training, we will begin with teaching the basics, emphasizing correctness in all movements utilizing leverage, physics, proper body alignment, and the use of body structure over strength. We also place great importance on the understanding of the theories and concepts behind each movement and technique so that you will gain confidence in your techniques through understanding and repetition. Questions are highly encouraged in order to reinforce that the techniques and movements are properly understood by the user.


Over time, students learn to be able to apply their skills naturally without thinking about it. As they advance, some chose to compete in mixed martial arts or kickboxing events. Others hone their skills for personal protection and a good workout.


Our classes we have a very close knit bond and regard all who train with us as family. Through our training we build bonds that go far beyond that school.

SiFu NIck, SiFu Don, and their Kung fu family after Jup Sao training in Hong Kong with SiGung Duncan.